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Sales Leasing Charging Transportation Driver Service Repair and Maintenance Digitization Driving Safety Management
Digital operation and management platform for vehicles Intelligent IoT platform of vehicle companies

DST provides full life-cycle management for logistics vehicle operators with safety monitoring and digital solutions for asset management, charging, merchandizes delivery, after-sales service, and vehicle operation.

Digital operation and management platform

Service advantage

Data-driven business

Vehicle, equipment, and business data are collected in the system, enabling data application functions that are real-time, asynchronous and analyzed by big data modeling. 

Safety guarantee strategies

DST monitors vehicle conditions, energy consumption, and failures in real time with intelligent devices to grasp the overall performance of vehicles and comprehensively monitor vehicle safety and operation.

Work Order-Driven Process

The operation is guided by workflows such as orders, waybills, and service work orders, allowing for end-to-end tracking, data transparency, and daily process management.

Detailed Documentation Procedures

DST creates independent files for the life cycle activities of each vehicle asset to provide highly detailed asset management insights.

Comprehensive Coverages

Based on a 'customer-centric' approach and the 'APQC business process layered structure,' we have standardized the DST's operational model. This model aligns with the current trends in urban distribution logistics development and business scenario requirements.
Digital operation and management platform
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