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Industry trend Industry challenge Core advantage Solutions product

Comprehensive energy solutions

DST focuses on logistics parks, tailoring energy solutions to the energy consumption patterns within these parks.

Comprehensive energy solutions

Industry trend

Goals for carbon emission reduction

the industry is striving to reach goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality by 2030 and 2060 respectively.

Corporate social responsibility

China’s ESG evaluation system is built to reflect the big picture of China’s social and economic development, with a series of issues taken into consideration, including strategic requirements of carbon neutrality and carbon peaking, and the grand planning for rural revitalization.
Comprehensive energy solutions

Industry challenge

Lack of suitable solutions for logistics parks

Comprehensive energy solutions encompass multiple aspects, including energy supply, distribution, and utilization. These involve complex product and technology choices, and the lack of sufficient societal benchmarks makes it challenging for park operators to assess inputs and outputs and make informed decisions.

Complicated operation

Zero-carbon energy solutions usually involve a wide range of sectors and are integrated with hi-tech parks. The implementation process is time consuming and the operation is complicated.

High proportion of energy consumption by transportation

Transportation and buildings take up the largest amount of energy consumption of logistics parks. It is difficult to further reduce carbon emissions without taking transportation energy consumption into account.
Comprehensive energy solutions

Core advantage


Virtual power plant solution is used for energy distribution, which allows for high scalability and easy operation and maintenance.

High utilization rate

The integration with battery swapping facilities improves the utilization rate of energy storage facilities. We also take energy consumption in transportation into consideration to further reduce carbon emission.


Simplified and focused solutions streamline the process, concentrating on seamless integration of energy sourcing, distribution, and utilization to create a closed loop system that is assessable and straightforward to implement.

Solutions product

Energy supply

DST’s primary focus is on obtaining clean energy through two main avenues: distributed solar power and other renewable energy procurement, aimed at reducing energy costs.

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Energy distribution

DST distributes energy through facilities such as virtual power plants, integrated stations for energy storage and battery swapping, and charging stations to improve the assets’ utilization rate.

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Energy usage

DST effectively reduces energy consumption of logistics parks especially their core carbon emission segments by reforming refrigerated warehouses, charging and battery-swapping vehicles, and AC etc.

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